NDJ Amnon Drip AS 16MM 1.0MM


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Quick Overview

Innovative, pressure-compensating (PC) dripline with special anti-syphon (AS) and compensating non-leakage (CNL) models.

  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) for accurate irrigation of Orchards, open field crops and greenhouses.
  • Ideal for challenging terrain
  • CNL option for pulse irrigation


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Main Features

Heavy Duty range of drippers and accessories in various configurations

Four dripper design elements to minimise clogging:

  1. Hydrodynamic dripper design ensures continuous flushing of sediments.
  2. 3D water inlet structure improves clog resistance
  3. Self-cleaning turbulence provided by the cascade labyrinth
  4. High-quality silicon diaphragm
  • Colour-coded for identification of discharge & model
  • Four differnt flow rates
  • Two models avaliable: CNL (Pressure-compensating non-leakage) and PC AS (Pressure compensating anti-syphon)
  • Cascade labyrinth feature incorporated in all drippers
  • Weir structure improves root intrusion resistance and sand suction
  • Low CV for maximal uniformity

  • Amnon Drip PC, CNL and PC AS

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Product Type

RA4412 NDJ AMNON 16MM AS 1.0MM 1.1LPH 30CM SPOOL 400M, RA4414 NDJ AMNON 16MM AS 1.0MM 1.1LPH 50CM SPOOL 400M, RA4420 NDJ AMNON 16MM AS 1.0MM 1.6LPH 60CM SPOOL 400M, RX4411 NDJ AMNON 16MM AS 1.0MM 1.1LPH 20CM SPOOL 400M, RX4419 NDJ AMNON 16MM AS 1.0MM 1.6LPH 50CM SPOOL 400M, RX4422 NDJ AMNON 16MM AS 1.0MM 2.2LPH 30CM SPOOL 400M